How to Stay Cozy Without Wool

Stay cozy without the cruelty this winter!

In my last post, I talked about eight reasons why the wool industry was cruel. Now I’ll show you how I stay cozy without wool, and what you should look for when shopping!

What to look for:

Wool-free vegan clothing options are everywhere, you just have to look at the labels. Wool alternatives are usually cheaper and easier to find than actual wool, in my experience! The most common wool alternatives will be acrylic, polyester, or cotton.

Use this photo as a guide:

My favorite beanie is 100% acrylic and keeps my head just as cozy as wool.

My Favs:

This old navy sweater is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic according to the tag.

This is the warmest sweater I have, it’s my favorite! 💞 Its from Forever 21, the tag says it’s 75% acrylic and 25% polyester.

I’m also wearing a Micheal Kors beanie in this photo which is 100% acrylic.

Acrylic sweater I got from a thrift store.

Cozy wool-free socks.

Hopefully this post helps you out! It’s really easy to be wool-free. I’m sure many people reading this already have cozy socks/sweaters/etc that are made of a wool alternative!

❤️ Autumn

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