Resources for Going Vegan

Here’s a resource list I put together for those of you who are interested in going vegan 🌱💞

Despite how passionate I am about animals, I haven’t always been vegan. I went vegan in the beginning of 2018. (I was vegetarian for 3 years before that though).

In the beginning it can be intimidating, like you don’t know where to start. Hopefully this list can help you make the transition.

Documentaries to Watch:

The Game Changers: This Documentary is about why many top athletes -from football players to olympic athletes- are going and staying vegan. It talks mostly on the health reasons for going vegan. This documentary can be found on Netflix.

Food inc: This documentary isn’t necessary a vegan documentary, it covers the food industry overall and how it works. It is a very eye opening documentary, and watching it is much of the reason I went vegetarian as a teenager. This one can be found on Netflix.

Cowspiracy: This documentary can be found on Netflix. It goes over the enormous environmental impact of eating animals, and documents how  and why a shift to a plant-based food system is necessary and would reduce our environmental impact greatly.

Earthlings: This eye opening and heart wrenching documentary can be found on YouTube for free. It shows industry-standard footage of factory farms, how they work, and how animals are treated. Factory farms are where over 90% of meat in America comes from. It is one of the most well-known and well made vegan documentaries and it’s my ‘favorite’ because of the beautiful way it is put together, and the blunt honesty of it all. Here’s a link to watch it:

Dominion: This documentary is essentially an Australian version of the documentary Earthlings. It shows and compares footage for the industry standards around the world, though. It was also made in 2018, so it is much more recent than Eathlings. It can be found for free on YouTube. Here’s a link:

Online Guides to going vegan:

When I first went vegan, I found it helpful to watch cooking videos. It helped me realize that cooking vegan is pretty much the same as cooking non-vegan. It’s as easy as swapping milk for a non-dairy milk. Below are some of my favorite cooking channels on YouTube.

Youtube Cooking Channels:


Solo Budget vegan:

Mary’s Test Kitchen:

The Buddhist Chef:

The Easy Vegan:

Sauce Stache:

The Tasty Vegan:

Recipe Blogs:

Minimalist baker

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

All Recipes It isn’t all vegan, but the vegan recipes they do have are great!

My Darling Vegan

The Edgy Veg

I think it’s important to remember that really anything can be made vegan. There are vegan versions of everything. The hardest part (in my opinion) is getting used to walking to a different part of the grocery store. Most stores have a separate section where vegan meat is sold, milk alternatives, etc.

I’ve found that most people I know, vegan or not, tend to have at least a few different meals that they frequently have in rotation, and they tend to gravitate towards the same foods every time they go to the grocery store. Going vegan is a lot easier once you’ve found a way to fall back into that groove. Find a few vegan recipes that you really enjoy and are easy to make, and add them to your rotation. Find ways to replicate your favorite comfort foods and add those too. Make sure you’re eating enough in general so that you don’t fall back onto cravings, and find ways to satisfy those cravings!

When trying new plant-based alternatives, it’s good to keep an open mind and remember that no two brands are alike. One brand might make awesome vegan cheese and another brand might taste awful. One bad food labeled “vegan” doesn’t mean that all vegan alternatives taste bad. You just have to experiment, like with any food, and find what you like. There is so much to try!

I hope this list helps you! You can always use me as a resource too. No question is a stupid one, I’ve been asked them all. I’ll try my best to answer any questions you may have.

You can email me though my ‘contact me’ page on the menu at the top of this page.

Below I’ll be adding other various resources as I come across them.

Various Resources:

If you text “Mentor” to 738-22, PETA2 will hook you up with a mentor to help you meal plan, veganize your favorite meals, help you find vegan products, and more!

❤️ Autumn

Follow me on instagram @autumn.the.vegan and @vegan.forager for more!

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