Puff Pastry is Accidentally Vegan

Did you know that most store-bought puff pastry is already vegan?

I didn’t either!

Puff pastry traditionally uses butter, but almost all pre-made store bought puff pastry uses vegetable oils instead, since it is cheaper and easier to manufacture, and it has a longer shelf life.

Crescent rolls are usually vegan too.

This isn’t exactly a recipe post, since I didn’t follow a specific recipe. I’m just sharing some of my puff pastry creations.

I put a few squares of dark chocolate in some of the puff pastry 😍

For this one, I first laid the puff pastry out flat to soften. Once it was ready I sprinkled vegan cheese, spinach, and TVP (a vegan meat substitute) over all of it. Then I rolled it into a log and cooked it according to directions on the package.

It turned out so delicious!

❤️ Autumn

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