Puff Pastry- “Accidentally Vegan”

Did you know that most store-bought puff pastry is already vegan?

I didn’t either!

Puff pastry traditionally uses butter, but almost all pre-made store bought puff pastry uses vegetable oils instead, since it is cheaper and easier to manufacture.

Crescent rolls are usually vegan too.

This isn’t exactly a recipe post, since I didn’t follow a specific recipe. I’m just sharing the results of my delicious experiments.

I put a few squares of dark chocolate in some of the puff pastry 😍

For this one, I first laid the puff pastry out flat to soften. Once it was ready I sprinkled vegan cheese, spinach, and TVP* over all of it. Then I rolled it into a log and cooked it according to directions.

It turned out so delicious!

*TVP is textured vegetable protein. It’s made from soy. I usually find it in bulk at Winco, but sometimes Fred Meyer and Safeway carry it in the baking section with Bobs Red Mill brand.

To cook the TVP, you first must rehydrate it using a 1:1 ratio of TVP and water (or vegetable broth). After it has absorbed the water, I sauté the TVP in a pan with canola oil and spices.

TVP on its own is pretty flavorless, it is just texture. It must be seasoned! In my opinion, TVP is best with oregano, basil and other Italian seasonings as well as garlic & paprika.

I usually just estimate the amount of seasonings I use & adjust it to accommodate the tastebuds of whoever I’m serving.

❤️ Autumn

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