Simple Swaps

I know the idea of going vegan overnight sounds intimidating. Here are a few simple swaps that will make helping animals so much easier.

1. Switch out your milk for almond milk, or another plant milk.

Switch out the milk in your morning cup of coffee or cereal for almond milk.

2. Swap your shampoo for one that is cruelty-free.

Although not required by the FDA, some companies still test on animals in 2018!

Thankfully, it’s super easy to shop cruelty-free when you know how. Check out my previous blog post on how to shop cruelty-free:

3. Instead of going to the zoo, circus, or petting zoo, support a local animal sanctuary!

The Oregon zoo in particular is known for its cruelty towards animals, look into it yourself.

Oregon also has many non-profit animal sanctuaries, where animals aren’t bred or exploited. Green Acre Farm Sanctuary is lovely.

Try looking for an animal sanctuary in your area ❤️

4. When going out to eat, try the vegan option!

Many restaurants recognize the growing interest and awareness of veganism, and have at least a few tasty vegan options. Vegan burgers & tacos are the most common to find.

Carl’s Jr. even sells a vegan burger now! Just order their Beyond burger without cheese and mayo.

5. When buying new clothes, be aware of the materials.

When buying a new belt, wallet, purse, sweater, etc. be aware of the materials and try looking for vegan options.

It’s so easy to find wool, leather, and silk alternatives. Sometimes the alternatives are easier to find than the genuine animal materials. I have a post already about how to stay cozy without wool:

6. Swap out your cleaners and soaps with something more natural & animal-friendly.

Mrs. Meyers works wonderfully for me. I also like to use 50/50 white vinegar and water as an all-purpose cleaner, it’s great for windows and mirrors especially.

Dr. Bronners is also great, it’s an 18-in-one soap that can be used for pretty much everything tbh.

There are cruelty-free options everywhere, you just have to look!

I hope these simple swaps help you.

❤️ Autumn


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