Vegan Cheese Reviews

Vegan cheese is all about personal preference.

You have to try them with an open mind and find the brands that you like the best.

Some brands can be hit-or-miss. Personally I think some cheeses taste like plastic 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Just keep in mind that all vegan cheese brands taste different, and there are HUNDREDS of brands. Please don’t base your opinion on all vegan cheeses based off of the few you’ve tried.

Now, as someone who’s been vegan for over 2 years now, here are my honest opinions of the few vegan cheeses I’ve tried.

I’ll be updating this post as I come across new cheeses too!!

Key/ Legend:

$ Affordable, $$ Average, $$$ Expensive.

1/10 is poor, 10/10 is very good.

1. Follow Your Heart


Taste: 6/10 while cold, 9/10 melted

Texture: 4/10 cold, 9/10 melted

Melt/stretch: 8/10

Follow your heart is probably one of my favorite brands of cheese. It melts and stretches like cheese & tastes amazing on my homemade pizza. It’s also my go-to because it’s one of the more-affordable cheeses, at around $4-5 a bag.

Also worth noting that in my experience this cheese tastes far better when melted.

I’ve tried the mozz, cheddar, and pepper jack.

2. Daiya


Taste: 6/10 overall. Their cream cheese and cheesecakes are 10/10.

Texture: 6/10 for their cheeses, 9/10 for cream cheese and cheesecakes.

Melt/stretch: 7/10

Daiya is one of the most commonly found & most affordable vegan cheese brands. They were one of the first vegan cheese brands on the market, so they’re kind of the OG vegan cheese. However, to many people (me included) it kind of tastes like flavorless plastic 🤷🏻‍♀️

I don’t buy daiya cheese anymore, however their frozen vegan pizzas, mac n cheeze, cream cheese, and other dairy-free products are pretty decent in my opinion.

Their cheesecakes are PHENOMENAL!

3. Chao


Taste: 7/10

Texture: 6/10

Melt/stretch: 5/10

Chao cheese doesn’t stretch very well when melted, but it tastes great cold or hot & when cut for a sandwich! It’s commonly found at most large grocery stores. I find it consistently at Safeway.

4. Miyokos

$$$ -About $8 per cheese wheel

Taste: 10/10

Texture: 10/10

Melt/stretch: N/A

Miyokos is so delicious, their cashew based cheeses use the same live cultures that cow’s cheese has, so it has the same addictive tang. It’s so creamy and tangy, it satisfies cheese cravings well. It doesn’t taste particularly like any one cheese, it’s kind of like a fancy cream cheese. I love eating it with my homemade sourdough.

10/10 would kill for this cheese.

Miyokos also makes an amazing tasting mozzarella, but it doesn’t melt or stretch very well for a pizza.

5. Treeline


Taste: 10/10.

Texture: 10/10

Melt/stretch: N/A

Treeline cheese is absolutely delicious. It’s a little pricey at around $7 per container, but the quality is so worth it. It’s made from cultured treenuts and tastes like a better cream cheese. 😍

6. Violife


Taste: 6/10 cold, 10/10 melted

Texture: 9/10

Melt/stretch: 7/10

Violife is one of the most well known brands of vegan cheese, and for good reason. It’s decently affordable at $5-7 per bag, and it tastes so realistic when it’s melted! I used the mozz on one of my pizzas & it was a match made in heaven!!

The cheddar is delicious on burgers 👌🏼

Their parmesan is probably the most accurate tasting cheese in their line up. Cold or hot it’s wonderful! I love it on spaghetti.

The violife feta is a different story however. It doesn’t taste or crumble quite how a feta should, but it tastes creamy and has a general cheesiness to it. I used some in a lasagna I made recently and it tasted wonderful, but again, not quite like feta.

I’ll continue adding to this post as I come across new vegan cheeses!


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